Winter is coming…. Slough Town v Chelmsford City

If you are an avid follower of this blog, then you will know that when following Chelmsford on the road, it is more often than not filled with disappointment.

To be honest we weren’t expecting anything more this week as it had been announced that Chelmsford City had been given a winding up order by the HMRC.

So we were faced with the fact that this may be our last ever time watching Chelmsford, it probably won’t be as this kind of news seems to crop up regularly.

Those of you that studied English will know the phrase ‘Pathetic fallacy’ and that is exactly what was going on as I was driving around the M25.

The sky was grey, the wind was rushing and rain was coming down in buckets, perfect conditions for driving…

Anyway, once I had arrived in Slough it was time to find a cash machine (this is the bane of my life on Saturdays).

I found one, but it charged me £1.70 for the withdrawal so that was a nice slap in the face.

Once again my NUS card got me in as a student and once inside I got a burger that was nothing more than fine.

Apologies if this is ‘glass half empty’ blog, I am actually happy, although it may not sound like it.

The game started and Chelmsford were genuinely playing the best football i’ve seen from them this season.

Sam Higgins, Shaun Jeffers and Jonny Giles were all linking up excellently and they were actually looking threatening coming forward.

Dark days

So now you’re expecting me to say that they took the lead and looked comfortable?

Obviously not, Slough were 2-0 up at half time after they had about two shots, one being a penalty.

Early in second half Chelmsford dragged one back and continued to play pretty well, but for all their pressing they couldn’t find the second goal.

I thought the Clarets were genuinely unlucky because they played well and were just let down by a couple of mistakes, they hit the post, bar and the Slough keeper made a couple of good saves.

This was a genuinely exciting game to watch and despite the result, this was an enjoyable afternoon.

  • GROUND: Arbour Park
  • GAME: Slough Town 2-1 Chelmsford City
  • COMPETITION: National League South
  • GROUND NUMBER: Already Been

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