Five things that have annoyed me about football this week

Hello! Welcome to the next edition of Five things that have annoyed me about football this week.

This will be dominated by a certain football club so apologies, but it has annoyed me…

Number 1- Jamie Vardy

This time last week Leicester beat Southampton 9-0, the record away win in the Premier League.

But Jamie Vardy annoyed me after his hat trick sealing goal.

The former England international cupped his ear towards the home support, when the score was 9-0….

Does it all the time

Surely when you’ve completely embarrassed your opposition, the celebration for your 9th goal is going to be muted.

Fair enough he had just sealed his hat trick so i’m all for him celebrating but to mock the Southampton fans is a bit much surely.

I know this goes along with Vardy’s image but it just gets a bit annoying at 9-0. I wouldn’t celebrate like this on FIFA after scoring my ninth goal…

Number 2- Arsenal Fans

You knew this was coming.

The big story of the week came after Arsenal’s home draw to Crystal Palace, where the Arsenal fans booed off Granit Xhaka which led to him reacting angrily towards them.

Sorry Granit

I am actually a big fan of Xhaka, he plays with passion and during his whole time at Arsenal he has been expected to be what he isn’t, a defensive midfielder.

I was genuinely upset for Xhaka after the events on Sunday, he didn’t play badly at all and has been unfairly made into a scapegoat.

He has been given abuse from all angles and it is unacceptable from Arsenal fans, support your players, especially your captain.

It is not Xhaka’s fault that he is being used poorly, or that he was made captain, but people seem to think that it is.

I sincerely hope that Xhaka is reintroduced and finally respected by Arsenal fans, but I doubt it, which probably annoys me the most.

Number 3- Bulgaria’s punishment

This week it was announced that the Bulgarian FA will be fined 75,000 Euros and given two games behind closed doors.

In what world do UEFA think this is going to get rid of racism at all, this kind of punishment has been handed out so many times and guess what?

It still happens.

The scenes in Bulgaria last month

It feels like there really needs to be some kind of expulsion from tournaments to really make the sanction felt by the majority of football fans in that country.

The game behind closed doors is a meaningless qualifier so i’m sure none of the fans will really care if they miss it.

I’m not 100% sure of the punishment that can really bring this issue to an end, but i’m sure it doesn’t lie in fines.

Number 4- Harvey Elliott

I’m sure many of you are thinking, what has a 16 year old done to annoy me?

The answer is his haircut.

How do you even describe this

I’m not sure i’ve ever seen such an abomination of a haircut, he actually played pretty well on Wednesday but i’d have appreciated his performance much more if he had a haircut.

Also he dived for the penalty he won but that’s a different story entirely.

He is still 16 so you can kind of understand why he made such a bad decision, imagine if he was in his thirties with a barnet like that…

Number 5- Arsenal

Yep they’re here again…

Since last week’s edition, they have bottled two goal leads twice, and managed to score five goals at Anfield and still not win.

It is starting to get boring being an Arsenal fan, hopefully they are not on this list next week, but I really wouldn’t put it past them.

What makes this so much more annoying is that they have such a good squad but they just seem to playing so much worse than their potential dictates.

Arsenal should have won on Sunday, but VAR made a shocking decision to overturn their winner. As I mentioned last week, VAR can be used well, but so far it really isn’t.

Anyway sorry for the Arsenal spam at the moment but not much else is going on as all the other Premier League teams have been alright recently (apart from Tottenham, but that doesn’t annoy me at all).

What annoyed you about football this week?

Arsenal fans?


Have a great weekend all.


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