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Ultimate XIs- Landlocked FC

Hello! Welcome back to another XI, today we are using another list of countries to inform our picks. It is another geographical one this time, we are picking a team from all of the world’s landlocked countries! Landlocked countries take up 11% of the world, but only 7% of the population, it’s almost as if… Continue reading Ultimate XIs- Landlocked FC

Ultimate XI's

Ultimate XIs- All Star Africans

Hello! Welcome back to another Ultimate XI, and today we are going to be taking a trip to Africa! I wanted to put together my all time African XI to see just how many good players they have produced. Tunisia were the first African team to win a game at the World Cup, and this… Continue reading Ultimate XIs- All Star Africans

Ultimate XI's

Ultimate XIs- The Penalty Heartbreakers

Hello! Welcome back to another XI, today I have decided to put together a team of players who have missed a penalty in a major final shootout during the 21st century (2000 and onwards). Only one World Cup final has resulted in a penalty shootout since 2000, but there have been plenty of major finals… Continue reading Ultimate XIs- The Penalty Heartbreakers