Reach for the stars! Joseph Chidyausiku on Chelmsford, St Albans and Premier League ambitions.

Joseph Chidyausiku may not be a name that you are particularly familiar with, but last week he sealed a move from Chelmsford City to St Albans City, to begin the next chapter of his footballing career.

Those of you that have read my blog will know that I regularly attend Chelmsford away games, and I was pretty sad to see Chidyausiku depart, as it felt like he hardly had an opportunity to don the Claret and White jersey.

St Albans have been struggling at the bottom end of the National League South this season, but with five new signings last week, they are certainly looking up rather than nervously peering behind them.

I had the chance to speak to Chidyausiku about his move, and what the future holds for the young striker.

The 22 year old is adamant that St Albans is the right next step in his career, and he is confident that he will be given the right opportunities:

“St Albans are a big Non-League club, they have a lot of ambition and have a track record of giving young players, like myself, opportunities.”

Chidyausiku joined St Albans last Tuesday. Credit: St Albans City FC

Chidyausiku is also close friends with the former Wycombe Wanderers, Peterborough United and Northampton Town forward Junior Morias. St Albans fans will have fond memories of Morias, who played twenty times for the Saints in the 2016-17 season, and Chidyausiku cited the importance his friend had in helping him make the decision:

“A good friend of mine, Junior Morais progressed through St Albans and he gave me the heads up to go there because he knows its a good place for me to go and develop my football career.”

Morias is now playing for St Mirren in the Scottish Premiership, so Chidyausiku will be hoping his career follows a similar path.

He is confident about making an impact in Hertfordshire, and he is excited to get in the scoring rhythm:

“What I could do to help the club is obviously by showing my strength up top and showing that i’m a goal threat, that I can get goals.”

He is a tall, athletic striker, who certainly has the presence to make it at this level, and if he can prove his goal scoring attributes, then he will be a handful for every side in the division.

St Albans have spent time at the bottom of the league this season, but they now find themselves clear of the relegation zone, but Chidyausiku believes that there is only one direction in which the club are heading:

“It’s going to be a different year and an exciting year for the club, for the fans and for myself obviously. I’m looking forward to just cracking on and working hard.”

Obviously we are still unsure of whether we will see an end to the current National League season, but St Albans are unlikely to go down as they are two points clear of Braintree and in 19th place.

It is no secret that Chidyausiku did not get many chances at Chelmsford, but he is confident that things will be different once the opportunity to impress presents itself:

” It is different now because I’ve got a contracted year deal and its a guaranteed opportunity to showcase my ability and cement my place in the team. If I do take the chance I can progress on through the ranks. I’ve also got the guarantee from the team itself, so I know that if I work hard i’ll be playing.”

Chidyausiku was limited to hardly any game time whilst at Melbourne park

Despite his time at Chelmsford not quite clicking on the pitch, he certainly built a rapport with the fans off it, and he is thankful for the support they gave him:

“When I was going through the time of not playing, the Chelmsford Fans used to reach out and message me telling me to keep my head up.

“They used to sometimes scream at the manager to say ‘Put Jo on’ and I used to hear that and it was very encouraging for me because I had the faith and trust of fans.

“I had to just deliver and I always hold them dearly to my heart because of this, they were such amazing and lovely people.”

As a Chelmsford supporter myself, it was always good to see Chidyausiku interacting with fans, and he is excited to be in and among a new set of supporters:

“I’m really excited to mingle with the new St Albans fans and getting to know them. I’m a people’s person, a man for the people so this is important to me.”

Non-League success stories are there to be seen in all levels of the English Football Pyramid, and Chidyausiku is confident he can be the next Premier League star who had to start in the depths of Non-League:

“The future is bright indeed, I don’t usually think too far ahead, but in the next three years I 120% see myself playing Premier League football.

” I know this because i’m a hard worker and I don’t believe in laziness, I know that the best things in life come when you work hard.

“So yes, I see myself in the Premier League but it’s baby steps and these are baby steps that i’m taking, i’m just focussed on now and the future will come.”

I wish him the best of luck!

It was a pleasure conducting this interview with Joseph, and i’m sure that we will see him banging the goals in for St Albans as soon as we are done with this elongated break from football.

While it is frustrating for the Chelmsford fans to see a young talent go, I am sure they are all with me on wishing him the best in his career, and hopefully he can take that long awaited opportunity!

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