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This Seasons Top Five Ticks!


Welcome back to another groundhopping blog, yesterday marked three months since I last went to a football game, and suffice to say I am missing it…

So today I thought I would share with you all my top five games from the 2019/20 season so far, enjoy!

NUMBER 5- Farnborough FC 2-1 Wimborne Town FC, 16/10/19

While my trip to Farnborough on a chilly Wednesday night in October may not have produced the best game of my season, it was certainly one of the most enjoyable trips.

Their ground is lovely for the level they play and parking was easy. We also had a lovey KFC beforehand as well so that always helps.

Everyone at Farnborough was really welcoming and they were complimentary of my blog on twitter afterwards, so this all made for a really nice evening down in Hampshire. I really want to get back to Farnborough at some point as they are one of the best clubs I have visited.

The game was still a good one, as Farnborough began their revival away from the relegation zone, and they certainly improved upon this as the season went on. They just edged Wimborne, but both teams fought until the end which is always good to see.

NUMBER 4- Sevenoaks Town 2-2 Chichester City, 9/11/19

My trip to Sevenoaks in November was probably the worst day of weather I experienced this season, but it was the fourth best game I saw!

I mentioned in my blog at the time that this game could easily have been a National League North/South game such was the quality on show. The two players who particularly impressed were Sevenoaks’ Frankie Sawyer and Chichester’s Kaleem Haitham, both notched two goals (they were good ones too).

The game can only be described as an end to end thriller, and both sides were as dangerous as each other on the attack, while also looking a bit dodgy at the back, but this made for an excellent game.

And aswell as all of this there was a missed penalty and some very close chances, at the time this was the best game I had seen all season in Non League. But I will say it is the best game in terms of actual quality that I have seen at that level.

NUMBER 3- Arsenal 3-2 Vitoria SC, 25/10/19

I only managed to get to the Emirates once this season, for their Europa League clash with the Portuguese side Vitoria SC. Despite watching a former Spurs player open the scoring, the Gunners won the game, but it was certainly dramatic.

Gabriel Martinelli continued his wonderful debut season, but going into the last ten minutes Vitoria had a shock 2-1 lead. Arsenal were below par for much of the game, but the last ten minutes were probably the best of the season.

Arsenal’s new signing Nicolas Pépé scored not one but two free kicks (that were pretty much identical) to give Arsenal the win. Everyone loves a last minute winner, and I was in the standing section so this made it even better! It seemed as if he had finally announced himself in England, but he has struggled overall.

NUMBER 2- Balham FC 4-3 Egham Town, 11/01/20

My first game of 2020, in terms of entertainment, was the best of the season, it was crazy!

Egham Town took a comfortable 3-0 lead away at Balham and they looked to be cruising. Only for the home side to then go on and score four unanswered goals to mount an absolutely stupendous comeback.

This game had it all, stunning goals, calamitous mistakes and a last minute winner to top it all off. I was discussing this game with my friend the other day and discussing how it is right up there with the most entertaining we’ve ever been to.

A seven goal thriller isn’t exactly commonplace, but this certainly got 2020 going with a bang, and I have very fond memories of Balham FC.

NUMBER 1- Inter Milan 4-2 AC Milan, 9/2/20

In any other season, Balham v Egham would have taken the number one spot, but how could I put any other game at number one…

The Milan derby was possibly the most surreal experience of my life. The atmosphere was incredible, the build up was immense and the game was intense.

AC Milan rushed into a two goal lead, including a goal from Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but Inter then scored four goals to win an epic at the San Siro.

I was in awe from start to finish, and I was very lucky to witness a game that lived up to the billing, it is one I’ll never forget.

That’s all for today!

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