Is this the season finale?… Dartford FC v Chelmsford City

I bet most of you thought you would not be seeing a post from me today, but here I am!

With football leagues around the globe dropping like flies because of Coronavirus, we were waiting for the National League to follow suit, but to the surprise of many it was announced that it would go ahead as scheduled.

So this week it was time to go back to where it all started, Princes Park.

The 10th of February 2018 saw Chelmsford score a last minute winner direct from a corner and the first time I saw the Clarets in action.

Anyway, we were in excellent spirits on the way to Dartford, expecting another top quality afternoon.

I was interested to see what the attendance would be like, would it spike because of the lack of Football? Or would it dwindle because of the worry around sporting events?

It was the former, the official attendance was just over 1,400 (Dartford are averaging 1,100 this season) so the public worry clearly isn’t all encompassing!

Kick off arrived and both sides looked up for the contest, Chelmsford announced this week that Robbie Simpson would be taking charge full time and his side clearly wanted to show him their credentials.

As the half went on the home side started to assert their dominance, with the Clarets’ keeper making a few key saves to keep his side in the game.

Not a bad view really…

But towards the end of the half Dartford got their deserved lead, after a corner found its way to Josh Hill who produced a neat finish.

Just a few minutes later Dartford got an all important second, which happened in relatively bizarre fashion…

As a through ball went into the Chelmsford box, it looked as if all of their players stopped playing as if they were waiting for an offside decision, but that never came.

The home side put the ball in the back of the net and this was a real hammer blow for the Clarets, who looked dejected after the goal.

Chelmsford started well in the second half, Shaun Jeffers and Sam Higgins both came close but their progress was halted when Dartford put the game to bed.

This was the pick of their goals as a slick attacking move ended in a precise finish into the bottom corner.

It was clear that they were by far the better side and at times in the second half they passed it around like the Spain side from 2010.

It just shows how dominant one team were when the oppositions man of the match was their goalkeeper, despite conceding three goals.

The final whistle couldn’t come soon enough for Chelmsford (and the fans) and when it did, there was a weird sense that this could be the last footballing action we see for a while.

On the bright side, we are still yet to see a goalless draw this season!

Once again Dartford provided an excellent day out and a proper game of football, We will certainly be back one day.

Thanks for reading!

  • GROUND: Princes Park
  • GAME: Dartford FC 3-0 Chelmsford City
  • COMPETITION: National League South
  • GROUND NUMBER: Already ticked
  • TICKET PRICE: £9 (Student price)

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