Goals, Goals and more Goals…. Knaphill FC v Badshot Lea FC

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday, and this game happened on Saturday but better late than never…

Anyway, Saturday’s groundhop came at the home of Knaphill, a team that I have been wanting to tick for a long time because I must have driven past their ground over 100 times.

Joining me this week was both James and my mother, the dream team you might say.

We somehow managed to leave London on time, despite a very stressful Friday evening, but that is another story…

The drive down the M25 was genuinely fine for a Saturday afternoon and we made it to the ground about half an hour before kick off.

It had been raining for most of the day and we were starting to get worried that it may have an adverse effect on the playing surface, but luckily the game got under way.

Badshot Lea started the game well, passing with confidence, but Knaphill soon took the initiative with an excellent goal.

We reached half time and it was finally time to complete my groundhopping ritual, getting a burger.

This burger had a lot to live up to, if you read my last blog then you will know impressed I was with the burger at Sevenoaks, I gave it a 10/10…

This one was as good, if not better.

The meat was really good (I am a meat connoisseur) and the bun complimented it perfectly. I don’t want to go on record saying it’s the best i’ve had, but I will certainly be returning to Redding Way to try it again.

The lights make it less gloomy…

Anyway, the second half really was an excellent spectacle.

Knaphill doubled their advantage early on in the half, but Badshot Lea managed to claw one back and make the game interesting.

However Knaphill then managed to grab another goal to put the game beyond the visitors.

There was still enough time for another goal from the Knappers, and this was the pick of the bunch. Calvin Camara took on what must have been three Badshot Lea players with some precise dribbling and then slotted the ball past the keeper.

This was the 99th goal I have seen in 2019, lets hope the 100th is even better.

A wonderful way to cap off a very pleasant watch on a damp Saturday afternoon.

The past two games really have reinforced my belief that you can have just as much fun watching non league than you can at the top level and that is a credit to both of these sides.

Next week I am off to St Albans, wish me luck….

  • GROUND: Redding Way
  • GAME: Knaphill FC 4-1 Badshot Lea FC
  • COMPETITION: Combined Counties Premier Division


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