Lower tier doesn’t mean lower quality…. Sevenoaks Town v Chichester City


It is Saturday and you know what that means…


After the disappointment of Slough last week we really wanted a good tick, after hours of deliberation on Friday night we finally decided that we would go to Sevenoaks Town.

We were meant to be going to Reading, but we felt like this would be cheating on non-league so we bottled it.

Earlier this year we were on our way to Sevenoaks Town when my Sat Nav confused me, meaning we missed our turning on the M25, we thought on our feet and went to Leatherhead instead.

But this time we had no such issues.

We got to the ground with about an hour to spare and this meant we needed some food to pass the time.

Those of you who follow this blog will know that I was far from impressed with my burger last week, but this week it was arguably the best i’ve had at a game.

The bread to meat ratio was perfect and the meat was really lovely, 10/10 I reckon.

To be honest we weren’t really expecting a good game, it was cold, wet and I remember uttering the words “I am looking forward to going home” before kick off.

However the game that played out in front of us was enthralling and had (nearly) everything.

Nice setting

Sevenoaks took the lead, I completely missed the goal because I was on my phone (hopefully my old university lecturers aren’t reading this).

Chichester then missed a penalty which I called beforehand saying “I never trust left footed penalty takers”.

Their number 11, Kaleem Haitham had a wonderful game and he scored two goals to give the away side the advantage.

He probably would have been man of the match if it wasn’t for Frankie Sawyer, the Sevenoaks striker was incredible. He scored his second to tie the game 2-2 and no one could find a winner.

To be fair I really think both of these guys could play at a higher level and their performances were indicative of that. Sawyer could have won the game late on but he dragged his shot wide.

I never normally go into this much detail about the games I go to but this one was actually gripping and I almost forgot that I couldn’t feel my feet.

The drive back was horrible because of the rain and Arsenal playing on the radio but overall I would definitely recommend a trip to Sevenoaks Town, even if you just want a good burger.

  • GROUND: Greatness Park
  • GAME: Sevenoaks Town 2-2 Chichester City
  • COMPETITION: Isthmian League South East Division

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