Five things that have annoyed me about football this week

Hello and welcome to another five things that have annoyed me about football this week!

I hope you’ve all had a good week, as you might be able to tell, a lot has annoyed me about football this week….

Number 1- Arsenal

There has been a lot of things that have annoyed me about Arsenal this week.

Starting on Monday when they lost to Sheffield United, and then the whole development of the whole Emery v Ozil saga and finishing with them leaving it to the last minute to beat an average Portuguese side at home.

The performance annoyed me more than anything on Monday, everyone on that team seemed to shirk responsibility and they ended up hardly having any good opportunities.

I don’t mind losing as long as you feel as if the team has left nothing out on the pitch.

They left a lot out there.

Arsenal won on Thursday so I don’t really mind that.

But the thing that has annoyed me about the Gunners this week is this whole deal of Emery freezing Ozil out.

“You make me laugh”

I really love Ozil and think he has so much to offer, imagine him playing behind a front three of Lacazette, Aubameyang and Pepe!

Emery is getting so much wrong at the moment, including playing Torreira as an attacking midfielder and preferring Kolasinac over Tierney.

But freezing Ozil out like this really gets on my nerves and it leaves me doubting the Spaniards future.

Just get him back involved Unai.

Number 2- Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool went to Old Trafford on Sunday and came away with a point, normally you’d take this but under current circumstances it is two points dropped.

In Klopp’s post match press conference he basically came out and criticised United’s defensive tactics in the game.

Angry Klopp

Whenever a manager does this it annoys me so much.

Obviously they are going to defend against you Jurgen, you have just won the Champions League, won all of your Premier League games so far and your front three consist of three world class players.

Also, Liverpool are absolutely devastating on the counter attack, so it would be so naive to give them the opportunity to do this regularly.

Yes, of course I understand that Man United playing defensively at home shows how far they have declined, but let’s be honest every team has periods of struggle. It wasn’t long ago Liverpool were finishing 8th after all.

This was just complaining for the sake of it, so please no more of this whinging Jurgen, it doesn’t suit you.

Number 3- Danny Murphy

Continuing with the Man United v Liverpool theme, the next thing that annoyed me is Danny Murphy.

The former Liverpool man had an article on BBC Sport that read:

“Why Reds will go to Old Trafford and win”

They didn’t.

Who knew he’d become such a rubbish pundit

This annoyed me because of the sheer arrogance of it, Liverpool are a great side at the moment but they are not untouchable.

United were the better side for about 80 minutes on Sunday pretty much making Danny Murphy look like a fool.

This kind of punditry annoys me because it screams of bias, of course it is okay to predict a Liverpool win, I certainly did. But when a prediction is dressed up as ‘analysis’ that’s just annoying isn’t it.

Number 4- VAR

I am actually a huge advocate for VAR, I really believe it can bring good to the game, and the implementation of off-sides works perfectly for me.

But this week there have been a couple of incidents that have annoyed me.

This didn’t annoy me, technical issues happen…

Firstly the Deulofeu penalty appeal against Tottenham, it’s a clear foul but for some reason the original decision wasn’t overturned.

Secondly Arsenal should have had a penalty as Sokratis’ shirt is very obviously pulled in the box following a corner. I’m not making excuses for Arsenal here but that quite simply is a penalty.

There have been a number of incidents like this, where the referee’s on VAR seem so reluctant to overturn the on-field decision.

This needs to change is VAR is ever going to work, no one would complain if both of those aforementioned penalty appeals were overturned.

Number 5- The reaction to Chichester City celebrating

On Monday it was the draw for the first round of FA Cup and due to Bury’s Football League expulsion earlier in the season, one team would be getting a bye into the second round.

Chichester City were awarded this privilege, the eighth tier team were seen wildly celebrating, as you would if you had been given free win basically.

They drew in a lot of criticism for this because of the reason they got a bye.

Their celebrations

Can people just get over this now please, yes it is sad for those that support Bury but come on just let them enjoy this.

Far more people lost jobs when Thomas Cook went out of business and people seem to think the death of Bury is far more important.

Chichester City are a tiny club, let them celebrate in peace and move on from Bury now.

That’s all for this week.

Let me know if you agree or disagree, and what annoyed you about football this week!


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