It’s happened again…. Tonbridge Angels v Chelmsford City

For those of you hardcore fans of my blog, you will know that I am an occasional Chelmsford City fan. Basically whenever they play away at a ground I need to tick.

I had not seen them win since January….

Until today.

For you to understand the context of some of the things i’ll be talking about in this post, we will need to rewind to February 2018.

My first ever Chelmsford game was Dartford away, and it was a baptism of fire. This was because Chelmsford scored two goals right at the end of the game to win 2-1, the winner coming direct from a corner.

Suffice to say the away end went mad and this is where my affiliation with this club came from.

Anyway, expectations were at an all time low today as we left London and headed down the M25.

I wouldn’t really consider myself a pessimist but Chelmsford’s away form is patchy and Tonbridge were coming off a 5-1 victory last week.

Tonbridge get full marks for their facilities for a few reasons:

  • They have free parking (and the car park is huge)
  • They take cards on the turnstiles and in the ground (very rare for non league)
  • Each end had ample space (unlike Maidstone)

I’d actually thoroughly recommend visiting this ground if you are around the area and wanting your fix of football on a Saturday afternoon.

But enough of the pleasantries, we were here to witness Chelmsford end their away day struggles.

Lovely day for it

After about 14 minutes Tonbridge went 1-0 and it was groundhog day for the Clarets.

Khale Da Costa was the goal scorer, which really hit home the sense of ‘groundhog day’ as he scored a wonder goal against Chelmsford last season.

This effort wasn’t bad itself.

I actually thought Chelmsford played alright but I don’t think this was the popular opinion among the away support.

Now is where you need to remember the story from earlier, around 70 minutes I turned to my friend and said;

“This is going the same way as Dartford”

It did…

Chelmsford scored two 90th minute goals to complete an epic comeback and the away end once again lost it’s marbles.

There really is nothing like celebrating a last minute winner is there.

It slowly sunk in that after nine long months we had finally seen another Chelmsford win.

Today also officially brought an end to the international break which just puts the cherry on top.

  • GROUND: Longmead Stadium
  • GAME: Tonbridge Angels 1-2 Chelmsford City
  • COMPETITION: National League South


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