Five things that annoyed me about football this week

Hello and welcome back to another five things that have annoyed me about football this week.

Almost nothing has happened in the football world this week as it’s been the international break, but i’ve still managed to find five things.

Let’s get into it

Number 1- Danny Mills (again)

Well, it’s two in two weeks for the former Man City man and this weeks inclusion is for another one of his annoying opinions.

He went on Sky Sports News earlier this week to name his combined Liverpool and Man United team ahead of this weeks crunch fixture at Old Trafford.

Mills named 11 Liverpool players and didn’t choose one United player.

Mills’ XI

I’m under no illusion that the vast majority of Liverpool players are streets ahead of Man United’s squad, but there is one omission that annoys me.

The whole point of a combined 11 is about the best 11 players, and to not include Paul Pogba in this list is astonishing.

He is better than Wijnaldum and Henderson, there is no question about that.

Don’t get me wrong, those two fit into Jurgen Klopp’s system better than Pogba would (maybe) but as I said a combined 11 is just the best players.

Pogba is criminally underrated by a lot of pundits in England and that annoys me. There seems to be a narrative that Pogba isn’t good because he doesn’t score or assist enough.

If you actually watch him play then you will see that he is a complete central midfielder, but look at the squad that he is playing with!

Pogba should be in this list full stop, and that is why Danny Mills makes this list.

Number 2- England v Bulgaria

This was the hot topic of the week and i’m pretty sure it probably annoyed all of you too.

If you didn’t know, a section of the Bulgaria support racially abused a number of England players.

England players in the midst of the problem

There’s not much that I can really add to what’s been said about this already but obviously it’s vile and not what we want to be seeing.

What does slightly annoy me about the response to this is a number of people’s ignorance as to what goes on in this country.

About a month ago I saw that a few Dover players were racially abused against Hartlepool. I understand that this was in the fifth tier of English football but I saw almost no one talking about it.

Everyone on twitter seemed to be so quick to condemn the Bulgarian fans and it made headline news. I’m not sure where to attribute the blame to this one but it just annoys me that the issue of racism only seems to come to the fore when a game of higher magnitude is effected.

Number 3- England

Those of you who read my blog last week will know that I don’t watch international football and that I hadn’t watched England since the 2018 World Cup.

Anyway after writing that post I had nothing to do so I switched on ITV to watch England for the first time in over a year.

Of course they proceeded to put in a pitiful performance against an average Czech Republic side.

Cheers England

Their first qualifying defeat in 10 years comes in probably the only game that I watched of that undefeated run.

What makes this even more annoying is that they went on to beat Bulgaria 6-0 in their next game! Of course I didn’t watch that either.

So cheers for wasting my time England…

Number 4- Rashford v Bendtner

Earlier this week I saw a statistic about the similar Premier League scoring records of Marcus Rashford and Nicklas Bendtner.

I can’t remember the exact statistics but it basically showed that the pair have almost identical records after the same amount of games.

This annoys me because people are using it as a stick to beat Rashford with, and forgetting that Bendtner was actually deemed to have great potential at Arsenal.

See, he did actually score

His career has gone downhill since his exit from the Emirates but don’t forget that he was actually pretty effective during his time there.

Also Rashford’s rise to the Manchester United first team has coincided with one of their worst periods in modern history, so his stats aren’t going to be great are they.

It just annoys me that people seem so ready to call Rashford useless when he’s got so much potential and should just be supported.

He’s not playing great at the moment but he’s shown me enough in his career to back up the hype.

Number 5- The international break (still)

I said this last week but it still annoys me.

The main source of annoyance this week was when I realised that there is another one next month…

It really does make you miss the Premier League, truly proving that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

It’s boring, the football isn’t as competitive and there’s very little going on in the world of football.

I’m really not in the mood for another one next month but thank god this one is over tomorrow.

That’s all for this week!

Let me know what I might have missed, I really did look long and hard for the list this week!


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