Bermondsey is full of fish…. Fisher FC v Greenwich Borough

This week’s groundhopping adventure (if you can really call it that) took us to the first round of the FA Vase.

Fisher FC was the destination and we actually had the funds to be able to use public transport this week! It only cost £1.50 each way but you’ve gotta celebrate your wins…

The journey wasn’t bad, although I did have to walk through New Cross, which is just a weird place.

I met my friend at Canada Water and after a quick stop at Sainsburys it was time to walk to the ground.

At this point it was raining fairly heavily and we were getting wetter and wetter which is obviously not a nice feeling.

Thankfully Fisher play on a 3G pitch so there was no question of the game being called off, this is something that you become very familiar when you go to a lot of non league football.

Anyway on to the game, I chose to support the away side today because I actually live in Greenwich so Greenwich Borough are my local club (sort of).

When I say support I mean clapping when they do something good, but it doesn’t go much further than that.

Canary Wharf in the background. Decent view

In all honesty the game wasn’t that great, Fisher ran out comfortable 3-0 winners but a couple of their players stood out to me.

Their number 7 and Right Winger put in a class performance that included 2 goals, a rabona cross and lots of good touches and runs. Also his name is Billy Brown which is a quality name for a footballer.

Their striker was about 6 foot 8, I love tall strikers because route one football is just funny isn’t it.

He actually scored the opening goal and won pretty much every header that came towards him, add to that an assist in the 90th minute and you’ve got a good afternoon for the big number 9.

Towards the end of the game we were both ready to leave, Fisher were blatantly going to win so that took the life out of the contest. We spent the second half in the stand behind the goal, in with the Fisher ultras.

To be fair their fans did make a fair amount of noise but towards the end it just got a bit annoying, call me a killjoy but I was too annoyed about my hometown club’s performance…

We left as soon as the final whistle blew and half an hour later we were sat in a Morley’s, the biggest upside of going to football in south London and the highlight of my afternoon.

Two more ticks coming up in the next week so look out for it!

See five things that annoyed me about football this week here:

Have a lovely weekend to everyone reading this.

  • GROUND: St Paul’s Sports Ground
  • GAME: Fisher FC 3-0 Greenwich Borough
  • WOULD I GO BACK? No need

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