Five things that have annoyed me about football this week

Before you ask, I am starting this new feature because football annoys me every single week for a range of reasons. I admit it has nothing to do with groundhopping but oh well here we go…

Number 1- Danny Mills

To be honest, this is what inspired me to do this in the first place. I am an occasional listener to TalkSport but I just happened to come across a segment where Danny Mills was talking about Jurgen Klopp.

To cut a long story short, he was basically questioning Klopp’s legacy at Liverpool because he’s only won one trophy (so far).

This annoyed me because the German has completely transformed Liverpool from mid table mediocrity to being one of the best teams in world football.

They would have won the league last year if it wasn’t for Manchester City’s ridiculous points tally and two Champions League finals in as many years is not to be dismissed.

So Danny Mills annoyed me because he clearly doesn’t actually watch Liverpool at all.

Number 2- Non League Day

Now on this blog we are big supporters of non league football and because of the international break, this weekend is the annual ‘non league day’.

This is where some clubs offer free entry to those holding Premier League or EFL season tickets.

A lovely non league pitch

A great incentive right?

Well no I don’t think so, this really shouldn’t just be for season ticket holders of big clubs. I’m not suggesting that they should all offer free entry to everyone but at least a nice discount to give everyone planning on attending an incentive to turn up.

So seeing National League clubs posting this all over twitter has been of constant annoyance this week.

Number 3- Rooney v Vardy

If you’ve been living under a rock this week then you will have missed Coleen Rooney’s twitter post in which she outed Rebekah Vardy for leaking personal stories to the Sun.

Don’t get me wrong I found it very funny at first with all the Meme’s flying around social media.

But what really really annoyed me about this was that it made the news, this was only funny because no one actually particularly cares about either party.

It’s not news and it should’ve been kept solely on social media because that’s where this kind of story belongs.

To be honest it was probably my fault for watching/listening to the news about six times on Wednesday.

Number 4- Norwich City

For those of you that play Fantasy Premier League, this week was probably a disaster for you, as it was for pretty much anyone else.

Mine was on the road to being fairly decent because I had transferred in Aston Villa centre back Tyrone Mings. After 87 minutes Villa were 5-0 up and just had about five minutes left to secure a clean sheet, more crucially four points for Mings.

Mings v Norwich
Credit: Getty Images

There was me thinking I was the world’s best manager for putting in a fairly left field option which was paying dividends.

But obviously Norwich scored the most pointless consolation goal in the history of football so thanks for that Josip Drmic.

This whole section could’ve just been Fantasy PL (thanks De Gea, Alexander Arnold and Aubameyang) but due to my dad’s allegiance to Ipswich Town, we’ll go with Norwich.

Number Five- The International Break

Need I say more?

I am writing this watching France v Iceland and I haven’t once been distracted by the game, so next Saturday really needs to hurry up.

I don’t think i’ve watched England play since the World Cup nearly 18 months ago so that shows you just how much I care about international football.

This annoyed me because it means it just incites boredom which isn’t what we want. Also there’s nothing worse than having an international break just after your team has won so your momentum basically gets flushed down the toilet.

Anyway cheers for reading this, it’s been a very off the cuff blog but i’d be interested in any feedback anyone has.

There should be two groundhopping blogs popping up in the next week, then maybe followed by this again next Friday.


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