Three in a week! …. Meridian VP v Lewisham Borough

Third new tick in a week?

This is music to my ears and today it became a reality, but it wasn’t glamorous, at all…

While the prospect of Meridian VP v Lewisham Borough may not sound like a match for the ages, we were still hoping that this local derby might provide some fire. 

If you ever wanted a representation of the sad life of a post graduate student then today’s story probably sums it up. 

Firstly, we saw that concession tickets were £3, which meant that when I found a pound on the floor on Friday night I was relieved because it meant I wouldn’t have to take out £10. 

Secondly, we once again found ourselves walking to the ground which took an hour to save money. 

And then thirdly was the sense of disappointment we got when we arrived and we realised they don’t give a discount to students, meaning we had to pay full adult price (£5)…

To be honest when we arrived our hopes for the game were at an all time low, at 20 to three we were the first ones in the ground and only 11 others joined us. 

We worked out that there were nearly double the amount of people on the pitch (including officials and coaching staff) than spectators. 

Trees and Clubhouse in the back, footy at the front

Lewisham Borough had brought two away fans and they gave us some light entertainment throughout the game. 

One of them proceeded to start lecturing the left back about where he should be positioned and what runs he should be making. The other did his best to provide some semblance of atmosphere by singing a couple of brief chants.

The game was actually alright, it didn’t exactly keep us at the edge of our seats but it was good enough for this level (10th tier). 

Lewisham scored a really good first goal before their keeper got a red card mid way through the second half. 
I love seeing this happen because at this level teams rarely have a substitute keeper so you often see an outfield player go in goal. 

This has happened twice in games I’ve been at and I haven’t seen either of the outfield players turned goalies concede. Although today he had very little to do…

Even with one man down Lewisham managed to grab a second and put daylight between themselves and Meridian VP, the home team were pretty awful to be honest with you all. 

Anyway, that brought to an end a pretty pleasant afternoon, better than we anticipated at 2:45. 

We managed to get back in time for kick off in the West Ham v Crystal Palace game after running to catch the bus. 

I watched the game with my West Ham supporting friend which provided me with some more light entertainment as he got triggered over VAR. 

So a very successful groundhopping Saturday came to a good end. It’s non league day next week so we wait and see what that beholds for us.  

  • GROUND: Meridian Sports
  • GAME: Meridian VP 0-2 Lewisham Borough
  • COMPETITION: Southern Counties East League Division One


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